Affiliated Products

Critical Mass Technologies does not affiliate itself with just any Product. These are not just any Product! These are the cream of the crop and are used by Critical Mass Technologies, Ltd. Co. So you know that they are among the best Products that you can buy!

Note: These are Affiliate Products, which means should you click and purchase any products from this page that Critical Mass Technologies, Ltd. Co. will receive a commission on the sale.

Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss© is a Top Notch Calendaring Application that makes it easy to sell your services and schedule meetings with your Clients! You Owe it to yourself to get this App to make selling and scheduling with your client(s) Super Easy.

Track My Subs

Track My Subs© Stands for Track My Subscriptions. This Product keeps track of your Internet Subscriptions, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, WooCommerce... and the like. With this App, you can keep track of when the Payment is Due and how much it cost. Track the Trial Software you loaded to know when it needs to be canceled so you don't get charged for going past the end date! Add notes to your Subscriptions to remind you what you intend to do with the Subscription. I would be lost without this software reminding me when I have Payments coming up.

Missing Lettr

Missing Lettr© Monitors your website or blog for Articles, Case Studies, Blog Entries... and Creates a Social Media Posting Calendar to all of the Social Media sites that you connect with. It lays out a calendar for an entire year worth of posts for your Evergreen Content and you can make the run shorter for Time-Sensitive Content. The Big Player in this arena is Buffer©, if you know who they are, Missing Lettr is Buffer on Steroids! You really need to check out this Application.



Do you wonder where Critical Mass Technologies, Ltd. Co. gets most of the Software that I have listed for Affiliates? Well, here you go! Appsumo has bargain prices for those willing to try a new Software program, and provide input to make the product better, that may not be feature complete but may turn into the next Big Thing! You owe it to yourself to at least check it out! Who knows, you may find just what you were looking for.

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