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So, you’re saying “You don’t write anything on your blog for almost 5 months and all the sudden, you write 2 blog posts in a week. Where have you been and why have you been missing so long?”


Well, I have been submersed in Classes, Courses, Webinars, Videos, and Software to teach myself what I didn’t know, about how to run my business website and business. You need to know a lot!

I did not know enough about Marketing and Community Building. I took a lot of Free Webinars from Mariah Coz of, she has a great course called "Fuck Yeah Funnels", about creating sales funnels, and Melyssa Griffin of kills it with Pinfinite Growth (Pinterest) and another course called List Surge to build your Email List. Then you get into buying Way Too Much software. I bought AWeber, GetDrip, Lead Pages, SumoMe, …etc. So anyway, Deep into Marketing.

Then, of course, that led to not knowing enough about Sales. I dug in and started learning and invested big into WooCommerce, to handle the Store. Braintree for PayPal Pro to handle the actual Sale. Freshbooks to handle the Invoicing and Accounting. And they all need to work together to make a Sale. So, then it was all about API’s and Zapier to make all of the Integrations happen.

Oh, I also almost forgot to mention SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and almost nobody knows enough about that but there are millions of people, sites, and software that will tell you about it. Anyway ended up using Yoast, webtexttool, and a few others.


I also found that the Distributor I had been working with had essentially shut me out and wanted me to pay another $300.00, it had gone up from what I initially paid a few years ago, of $200.00, just for the ABILITY to resell products from their store. Can you believe that!? Well, that was not going to happen, so I went looking for other Distributors that could offer me what I needed. I now work with new Distributors.

Happening in the Background

Most of these things were happening in the background of the website. If you visited my site and noticed the Shop Button on the Menu you could access the Store for Instance. Or if you signed up as a subscriber you could notice the process had changed a little bit and there is now a double opt-in. Some of the pages got a little more fleshed out with descriptions added. Most of the updates though were so much in the background that as a casual visitor you would not notice.

I mean, I want my pages to do certain things and I want many of the different pieces and parts to integrate with each other. I don’t want my Clients and Customers (hopefully you) to have to create a bunch of different logins to buy a product or to get access to my Subscriber Pages.

Building a Business Website

So, wow, who knew that building a business website would be so intense. Everything you see out there is building a website. It’s easy, no coding. I guess that depends on what you want your website to do. It used to be easy to do back in the days of static pages that rarely ever got updated and offered no interactivity. It is not that way anymore.

It is not easy and you do have to code at least a little bit.

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