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Who we are

Critical Mass Technologies began in 1999 as Cory J. Woodbury consulting. In 2000 we began doing business as Critical Mass Technologies. Primarily as a break/fix company. Break/fix, meaning that if your technology was broken you called us to come and fix it. This typically meant that the company was down until the service or issue was fixed. This was not a particularly good experience for the company(s) that were down but it did mean that the cost was less. We also built custom computers and servers, that we sold and serviced to Small Businesses and Home Users.

In 2012 we became Critical Mass Technologies, Ltd. Co. At this time, we became a little more pro-active, doing some basic monitoring such as remote monitoring of systems, ensuring that the system was online, checking if a hard drive(s) had issues, or was about to fail, or was getting full. We could resolve some issues before they caused downtime for the company(s). This was a bit better outcome for the company(s) as they spent less time being down and unable to work at a small monthly cost.

We also started doing a lot of private cloud infrastructure. Meaning that many of the servers that Small Businesses need to run their company(s) we were now creating as Virtual Machines instead of deploying on physical hardware as this had a much better capability to keep the companies we supported up and running as they could be easily clustered for failover or easily moved to the cloud in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Critical Mass Technologies, Ltd. Co. in 2016 again changed its business model to become a Managed Services Provider. We are a Cloud Optimized provider of Managed Business Services, a Microsoft, Veeam, and Comodo Partner and Reseller.

Critical Mass Technologies, Ltd. Co. provides Best in Class services to a wide range of clients from Home Users to Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

What we do

We do Managed Services. We take care of the Technology you need to run your business so that you can take care of running your business. What that means is that we:

  • Remotely Monitor and Manage your servers and workstations We Install Software on your Server or Workstation that reports to our monitoring and Management Server 24/7/365. Our Server then alerts us to any potential issues such as: Low Disk Space, Runaway Processes, High Bandwidth Usage and much, much more. Our Server also allows to identify trends over time and to provide our Customers with reports on their Server Health, monthly or more often if requested.
  • Remotely Update and Apply patches We can schedule scans of Servers and Workstations for installed applications and Windows Versions. This allows us to compare to our Database of Updates and Patches and determine the Updates and Patches that need to be applied to your Servers and/or Workstations and schedule them to be applied at a time that will have the least impact on your business.
  • Remotely Managed Anti-Virus software We can remotely scan for and remove viruses from your Servers and Workstations
  • Remotely Backup and Restore We can Backup and Restore your Servers and Workstations from storage that is either on your premises, storage that is hosted in the cloud, or a mix of both. Typically you would have both if you want to provide for off-site storage for Disaster Recovery. We use our own Backup Solution powered by Veeam® Backup and Replication software.
  • Remote Disaster Recovery We can Backup to cloud storage to provide for Disaster Recovery, in case of Fire, Flood, or other disasters that may affect your ability to serve your customers. We can also provide the ability to "spin up" (create) Virtual Machines that can in conjunction with your Disaster Recovery Backups can be used to run your business in the cloud with very little down time. We use our own Disaster Recovery Solution powered by Veeam® Backup and Replication software.
  • Remote Service Desk We provide a Service Desk for you and your authorized users to create tickets as a request for assistance with issues you encounter. These tickets are then assigned to an available Critical Mass Technologies Technician to work on until the issue is resolved.

We also provide sales, service, and assistance with:

  • Microsoft Office 365® We sell, install, and manage Microsoft Office 365 Solutions. We can be your partner of record and provide all of your support for any bundle of Office 365 that you would like to purchase. If you have already purchased Office 365 you can still be your partner of record and provide your services.
  • Microsoft Azure® We sell, configure, and manage Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. This includes creating, installing, managing, and backup and replication of your Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Amazon Web Services® We sell, configure, and manage Amazon Web Services. This includes creating, installing, managing, and backup and replication of your Amazon Web Services Virtual Machines.
  • Veeam Backup and Replication® We sell, service, and manage Veeam Backup and Replication Services and software.
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